Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Penetrating Illusions, Touching Reality

Conventional scripts can dictate erroneous assumptions about reality. Dominant scrips can be hegemonic in their false assumptions. The enlightened person penetrates illusions and is thus able to touch reality. In the end, as harsh and challenging as reality may be, we are better off and closer to becoming more fully human and in position to fathom redemption and discover resolutions .

Graphic:  Respiratory Syncitial Virus Ribonucleoprotein viewed in its symmetry of nature: Multicellular Organic Neural Network  

Human respiratory syncytial virus (HRSV) is the leading viral cause of serious pediatric respiratory tract disease worldwide and a common cause of morbidity in the elderly. Currently there is no vaccine available and the only treatment is a monoclonal antibody given to high-risk infants.

                           At Our Best

Religion receives, reads, interprets ancient texts;
shapes rubrics, schools virtues, sustains peaceably;
humans dialogue, co-op, fathom redemption
against all odds, absence, and clear resolutions.

Animated by innocent intuition
science tests, tells of physical reality,
proposes with awe-provoking curiosities
promising cures and models of causality.

At our best we move amid shadows, forms, echoes;
acknowledge the unknown; are baffled by existence;
sit before, name objects; doubt and apply silence . . .
warmed by the sun, we find our way with reverence.

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