Monday, September 18, 2017

Extend your Life and the Life of the Planet

Emma Brown wrote an article in The Washington Post (Sept. 2017) entitled “Cycling to work means better health and a longer life. Here’show to get started.” She not only provides new data regarding health and safety among cyclist, she reminds us of a vital, practical option to all able people who wish to create a greater impact on their personal lives against a hegemonic automobile culture that says you cannot live without a car.  

Dan Seifert, 58
Route: SE Harrisonburg to the outskirts of downtown, 8 miles round trip
Bike: 2016 Specialized AWOL

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Reflection at Another "9/11" While Still Stuck in Fear

While there remains a need to retell this story of trauma, there are those who need to lead us in the face of danger. I want to imagine a people who see a threat they can allay by the very way they live their lives.

  Below are links to two articles that reflect on the inner reality of where the U.S. has come since 9/11—looking for safety while an imminent threat to our national security is plundering the planet. 

SEPTEMBER 11, 2017, Adam Zyglis / Cagle Cartoons

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Earth Speaks its own Language

Is the earth speaking to humankind?
Is human action upon climate change making hurricanes worse?

Geo-logos (earth writing) posits the earth speaks its own language, e.g. in the form of motion. See video where science reveals in its casual knowledge (data) profound changes which poetry captures best, e.g., the increase in rain with the warming of the oceans.

Here is an excerpt of the first few stanza's of A.R. Ammons, "Expressions of Sea Level" (Ohio State Univ. Press, 1963). Here we perceive an ecological consciousness in which individual and collective actions have far reaching consequences. 

Peripherally the ocean
marks itself
against the gauging land
it erodes and

it is hard to name
the changeless:
speech without words,
silence renders it:
and mid-ocean,

sky sealed unbroken to sea,
there is no way to know
the ocean's speech,
intervolved and markless,
breaking against . . .

See A R. Ammons, "Expressions of Sea Level" 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Message

Marshall McLuhan developed unique philosophies on media and how humans interact with it, popularizing the phrases “The medium is the message” and “Global Village.” Along with Teilhard de Chardin (Noosphere), he is thought to have predicted the Internet in his book, The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of the Typographic Man (1962). The “global village” would be an age characterized by people forming communities through technology. McLuhan posited that the method of communication would become more influential than the information itself, ergo “the medium is the message”. 

McLuhan helps us to better see ourselves with in a media-saturated global society/reality. Technology has become extensions of consciousness and even our nervous systems.

[A]ll media, from the phonetic alphabet to the computer, are extensions of man that cause deep and lasting changes in him and transform his environment. Such an extension is an intensification, an amplification of an organ, sense or function, and whenever it takes place, the central nervous system appears to institute a self-protective numbing of the affected area, insulating and anesthetizing it from conscious awareness of what's happening to it. It's a process rather like that which occurs to the body under shock or stress conditions, or to the mind in line with the Freudian concept of repression. I call this peculiar form of self-hypnosis Narcissus narcosis, a syndrome whereby man remains as unaware of the psychic and social effects of his new technology as a fish of the water it swims in. As a result, precisely at the point where a new media-induced environment becomes all pervasive and transmogrifies our sensory balance, it also becomes invisible. [“The PlayboyInterview: Marshall McLuhan”, PlayboyMagazine, March 1969.]

How do we continue to make sense of our human evolution with an exponentially expanding ocean of information and perpetual connectivity? In the words of McLuhan during his interview with Playboy, "I merely try to understand."

Sunday, July 2, 2017

What would Teilhard say? Evolve or be annihilated

By Ilia Delio, Global Sisters Report, 6/27/17

"This is our threshold moment and we need to get on board with evolution. And if we get nothing else straight about our present moment, it should be this: Stability is an illusion. The only real stability is the future. Our moment of evolution requires revolution, and one of the main forces that must make a complete turnaround is religion."

Click here for the full article. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Reign of Idiots (from @Truthdig)

Reign of Idiots (from @Truthdig): Heading the mindless generals, economists, bankers and politicians is the King of the Idiots, who victimizes the mass of Americans between tweets.
- 2017/04/30

Added 7/23/17, Eric Anthamatten, Trump and the True Meaning of ‘Idiot’