Thursday, June 7, 2012

Societal anxiety: the fear of facing reality and ignorance of the ancient text

Chris Hedges, "War on Gays," highlights (among other things) how societal anxiety has led to increased regression on the part of some malignant groups who have become fused in their symptomatic hatred for gays. This is a sign of chronic anxiety called "herding" where groups (organizations) organize their existence around the least mature, poorly defined leaders, the most dependent, or the most dysfunctional members of their “colony” (e.g. Liberty University), instead of adapting toward strength.  

Gay activist and Pastor Mel White highlight a significant point. "What other source of homophobia is there but six verses in the Bible? When Bible literalists preach that LGBT people are going to hell they become Christian terrorists. They use fear as their weapon, like all terrorists. They are seeking to deny our religious and civil rights. They threaten to turn our democracy into a fundamentalist theocracy. 

Fundamentalist and conservative Christian colonies in their sectarian influence are seeking to persuade the empire (government) to legitimize their fear, hatred and delusions instead of utilizing the ancient practices of theological dialogue and casuistry.

If you want to be less anxious, more fully human and expand your awareness (you know, like Jesus), thus penetrating the narrowness of the conventional religious debate you hear in the media, who predominantly cover the highly reactive fundamentalist and literalist (with flipped lids), here are some sources to begin exploring story, Scripture and theology:

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