Monday, January 2, 2012

C-Span In Depth with Author and Journalist Chris Hedges

A must see three-hour interview, probing Chris Hedge's entire body of work. It is a comprehensive and power discussion with one of the most important reporters on what he characterizes as our collapsing corporate empire. Follow this link to watch the video.

Chris Hedges is a Senior Fellow at The Nation Institute in New York City. A former foreign correspondent for the New York Times, he was part of the team that won a 2002 Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of global terrorism. He also received the 2002 Amnesty International Global Award for Human Rights Journalism. Mr. Hedges is author of "Losing Moses on the Freeway" and "War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning," the latter of which was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction. He holds a Masters of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School.

Chris Hedges is the author of nine books:

War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning (2002); What Every Person Should Know About War (2003); Losing Moses on the Freeway: The Ten Commandments in America (2005); American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America (2007); I Don't Believe in Atheists (2008): Collateral Damage: America's War Against Iraqi Civilians (2008); Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle (2009); The Death of the Liberal Class (2010); The World As It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress (2011).

Chris Hedges is in my estimation a modern day prophet, who is also a true and faithful journalist willing to take the risk of exposing the whole truth and context of the stories he covers. Chris Hedges' voice nurtures, nourishes and evokes a conscientiousness and perception alternative to the consciousness and perception of the dominate culture around us, which is held captive pervasively by the corporate empire, an "empire of illusion" that is underwritten by our political system. Chris Hedges possesses a deep capacity to penetrate the illusions of our society and is today a significant advocate, activist, and speaker with the Occupy movement across the nation. He writes a weekly column for Truthdig.

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